My Current Daily Makeup Kit Entering Fall 2019

Cover | FX
Custom Coverage. Vegan and Cruelty-Free Formulas
Natural Finish Foundation | N100
For [deep skin color] + [neutral undertones] + [Normal, Dry]

30 mL/1.0 FL OZ, $42.00

A water-based foundation that delivers 12-hour coverage and a natural, translucent, second-skin finish. More product can be added to spot cover a blemish without one looking, made up.

The formula I selected works great on my dry 60-plus years old skin type. This is an oil-free foundation and as I said it does a great job of evening out skin color and tone invisibly and also conceals imperfections with just a small dab here or there. This formula really hydrates my skin like a high-quality lotion and of course, and for what that is worth, the company humble brags about how vitamin-enriched the formula is.

Key Ingredients

Shade Range (Light–Deep)

Undertone Range (Underlying Skin Tone)

ILIA | Multi-Stick | At Last
Dusty Rose
0.15oz, $34.00

An awsome, multi-use stick of color with a soft, buttery texture that instantly melts into the skin upon contact with a neutral finish. An easy-wearing and incredibly versatile formula, that at least in my color selection tends to subtly warm up and flatter my natural tones.

Sephora Collection | Glide Liner
Waterproof Crayon | #02 Brown Chestnut
Size 0.012 oz, $14.00

Sephora Glide Liner is a waterproof, highly pigmented gel texture kohl that I have found to be easy to work with and achieve different effects and is very long-lasting. I like the retractable tip that for me seems to make application inside and or outside the eye somewhat less of a challenge. 

Blinc | Waterproof Mascara
Black,  Regular Size $26.00

Blinc is the original mascara invented to form tiny water-proof “tubes” around lashes that add volume and length and cannot run, smudge, clump or flake, even if you cry or rub the eyes.

A combination of warm water and gentle pressure, from the fingertips or cloth, will slide the color tubes effortlessly away without makeup remover.

Sephora Collection | Brow Builder
Gel Mousse | #06 Soft Charcoal
Size 0.169 oz, $14.00

This mousse-like formula is deeply pigmentated so a little goes a long way but the secret is the unique flocked, brush-like applicator that after some practice yields a surprisingly natural or bold brow look depending on how you use it.